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“I commissioned Max to create a piece of artwork in a certain style for my villa in Dubai.  Max worked closely with me, putting options forward in an effort to achieve exactly what I wanted.  In the end, the result was exceptional. The artwork is stunning and is proudly displayed in my foyer and attracts complements from people from all over the world.  I love it and would gladly work with Max again”

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Fantastic creative styles that suit a variety of spaces which was great for me given I wanted contrast from one room to the next. Finding an artist like Max that had this versatility of skill was invaluable. His commission service is also outstanding - dynamic and versatile bespoke painting options. Highly recommended for creativity, price, client liaison, and professionalism.

"Maximilian Lyons is a unique human with an eye for the amazing. He is an artist by nature and nurture, who never fears experimenting with different mediums when exploring his conceptual processes. He has spent his life studying textures, colours and forms and has produced a vast array of beautiful works.  

I have had the immense joy of securing one such piece, “Dragonfly”.  I can say the universe delivered this painting in a deluge of heavy rains beating at my door and upon opening, I immediately felt it perfectly apt for my little friend to have arrived in a sea of chaos. She is abundant in colour and I can feel her movement in every thickly textured stroke of paint. She is calm between busyness and activity, leaving me to feel whimsical and in awe of her innate ability to continually keep moving and hover amongst beauty. My delightful “Dragonfly” graces its canvas in the doorway entrance to my home and brings me much happiness as I too whisk around my life.

I feel very blessed to have added this artwork to my collection. Thank you to Maxi!"

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“I first came across Max when he accidentally scratched my car in a car park in Byron Bay.  He suggested to pay off the damages in instalments but I graciously declined and said not to worry about the damage. He then offered to do a painting for me. As I appreciate and collect art I accepted his offer and asked for a ‘muted colours abstract’.  He was so honest in his dealings with me.  A month or so later he contacted me with a lovely work which I have on display in my study.  Thanks max and I wish you all the best in sales!”

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