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The Man In The Mountain

The Man In The Mountain

An expansive landscape of strong undulating contours features two hidden human figures. Land and plants are personified to imply our innate connection with the planet, and is a statement to raise awareness of our symbiotic relationship with mother earth. We are more connected that we think. Can you spot the woman?


This was my first landscape, started in collaboration with the amazing Hillary Austin. Hillary is a well established oil painter of mostly landscapes, however she is proficient in and practices other subject matter. She has always been a great mentor and has instructed much of my development as a painter.

  • Size: 91 x 45 x 4cm.

    Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

    Weight: 0.8kg.

    Material: Canvas.

    Frame: Solid timber frame.

    Installation: D-rings & braided synthetic string - ready to hang.

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