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Leave The Door Open

Leave The Door Open

From the buyer:


“I first came across Max when he accidentally scratched my car in a car park in Byron Bay.  He suggested to pay off the damages in instalments but I graciously declined and said not to worry about the damage. He then offered to do a painting for me. As I appreciate and collect art I accepted his offer and asked for a ‘muted colours abstract’.  He was so honest in his dealings with me.  A month or so later he contacted me with a lovely work which I have on display in my study.  Thanks max and I wish you all the best in sales!”

  • Size: 144 x 100 x 4cm.

    Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

    Weight: 3.0kg.

    Material: High-quality heavy canvas.

    Frame: Strong and rigid hand-made timber frame.

    Installation: D-rings and woven synthetic string - ready to hang.

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